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Here is the history of the car at the track.

Date Time Lane R/T 60' 330' 1/8 1/8 MPH 1000' 1/4 1/4 MPH Comments Excuses Reasons
Sept 14, 1996 9:31 PM Right 1.180 2.488 6.202 9.089 86.19 11.547 13.649 106.57 1st pass on new motor First Pass Tires
Sept 14, 1996 10:18 PM Right 1.150 2.655 6.510 9.426 85.50 11.882 13.975 105.52 Jetted Down Slippage BFG T/A
Sept 14, 1996 10:51 PM Right 1.113 2.565 6.348 9.225 86.13 11.663 13.742 108.21 Jetted Up Slippage BFG T/A
Oct 12, 1996 8:49 PM Left 1.130 2.389 5.985 8.797 88.48 11.195 13.242 110.17 Tuning...Tuning No Hard Launch Slippage
Oct 12, 1996 10:02 PM Right .839 2.717 6.428 9.333 86.59 11.792 13.878 108.19 R/T and 60' Suck. 3:08 Gear Money
Mar 22, 1997 7:41 PM Right 1.152 2.257 5.838 8.809 82.92 11.386 13.607 101.04 Missed a gear Manual Tranny Bad Aim
Mar 22, 1997 7:47 PM Right 1.162 2.200 5.843 8.874 81.20 11.529 13.819 97.53 No Helmet--Slow Down NHRA Rules No Helmet
Mar 22, 1997 9:01 PM Left .724 2.593 6.251 9.093 86.41 11.506 13.548 109.84 Borrowed Helmet Couldn't see Slippage
Mar 22, 1997 9:34 PM Left .745 2.591 6.253 9.076 87.10 11.478 13.512 110.34 Rolling with a peg leg. Single Track Slippage
Mar 22, 1997 10:04 PM Left .888 2.634 6.576 9.473 85.86 11.899 13.951 109.74 Time To Re-Think Things Bad Hair Day? Slippage
Jul 25, 1997 8:22 PM Left .732 1.875 5.364 8.231 85.71 10.891 13.085 103.69 .373 POSI is in--Slicks are on. Don't know Fuel System Outdated
Jul 25, 1997 8:43 PM Left .495 1.853 5.322 8.176 87.55 10.767 12.920 105.39 Launching Real Hard--At 6000 RPM No Slipping! Running out of Fuel.
Jul 25, 1997 9:09 PM Left .475 1.879 5.355 8.356 84.27 10.879 12.995 106.14 No Spinning of the slicks. Dying in 1st 10 feet Mechanical Fuel Pump
Jul 25, 1997 9:40 PM Left .516 1.898 5.408 8.279 86.04 10.764 12.858 107.92 Front End Lifts For 1st Time Still Dying New Fuel Lines will also help
Jul 25, 1997 10:32 PM Right .596 1.878 5.357 8.224 86.71 10.705 12.796 107.92 Air Cleaner Put on car Best Time Ever Fuel, Fuel, Fuel!
Jul 25, 1997 10:46 PM Right .771 2.084 5.904 9.317 71.65 12.073 14.337 100.90 Clutch went to hell Nice Launches though Fuel, Fuel, Fuel!


Ever since then, the car has been worked on repeatedly. Fuel has been upgraded to electric, fuel cell system with fatter lines. Transmission has been pulled--Flywheel resurfaced, seals replaced, input shaft bearing replaced and new retainers. Blowproof bell housing has been bought and will be put on. Drive shaft loop is on car. New wheels and tires have been added and the clutch should be on it's way back from Centerforce---They wanted to see if it could be rebuilt--I'm about ready to just buy a new one cause I wanna Launch the sucker around 6 grand and keep the front end up and keep it pulling hard. Another thing I added was the float extensions on secondary side. The next visit to the track should be an interesting one. I have a carb on the way....950 double pumper minus the choke horn and other garbage. That will surely help a great bit.


O.K.....I just got back from the track and here is the update. What has been done since the last time I went to the track? Fuel lines upgraded to 1/2". Mechanical fuel pump replaced with electric. Gas tank replaced with fuel cell. I now own a set of slicks. Blowproof bellhousing has been added to car. Longer wheel studs were added to make it more "legal". 950 Holley was bought and used on the street.


This time.....I drove it to the track. BF Goodrich Drag Radials with an 850 Holley to drive up there. 26x10x15 ET Drag Slicks when I get there, 950 Holley to be "tried" after a few passes.

Date Time Lane R/T 60' 330' 1/8 1/8 MPH 1000' 1/4 1/4 MPH Comments Excuses Reasons
Oct 10, 1997 6:48 P.M. Left .804 2.247 5.734 8.646 87.89 11.157 13.241 108.70 I drove up there like this Street Tires Just Curious
Oct 10, 1997 7:35 P.M. Left .569 1.846 5.273 8.117 89.11 10.586 12.653 109.49 Switched To Slicks Not Enough RPM's at Launch Just Checking
Oct 10, 1997 8:20 PM Left .573 1.799 5.181 8.029 88.76 10.492 12.557 109.49 People Say it's spinning. I'm happy. Launching Real Hard.
Oct 10, 1997 9:32 PM Left .641 1.791 5.068 7.825 91.46 10.235 12.259 111.39 Switched Carb to 950. Getting Happier. More Launch RPM's!
Oct 10, 1997 10:41 PM Left .616 1.779 5.021 7.765 92.03 10.156 12.164 112.50 Best Time on Car ever! None None


Date Time Lane R/T 60' 330' 1/8 1/8 MPH 1000' 1/4 1/4 MPH Comments Excuses Reasons
Nov 08, 1997 2:59 P.M. Left .520 1.767 5.033 7.794 87.72 10.231 12.316 107.40 Best Launch Tore out Alternator on Launch Broken Bolt, Loss of wiring.

This last pass was very disheartening....I was on my way to the coveted elevens when the car started spittering and sputtering. It happening either during the launch or very near thereafter. I did not notice the sputtering until third gear however, and that is after the eighth mile is done with. The elevens will be there next year though, as the track is closed for the winter. But man, o, man. It sure felt good.

I believe this car has the potential to get into the elevens easily with no more parts additions or performance parts added. The only thing that limits it's passage into the elevens right now is a matter of tuning. The 950 was not dialed in to the same extent that the 850 was. When it gets there, I expect a 1/4 mile time of 11.850 or a little better. Then it may be time for the bottle. Maybe. It is after all a four speed car.

The Track(Commerce) opens up on February 21st--It'll be a test and tune day--Probably $15.00. With the addition of the shocks, the roll bar, and a little tuning, the car will hopefully pick up a bit. I'd like to see a 7.4 in the 8th and a 11.8 in the quarter---Who knows though. Another thing I have bought which will allow me to go farther away from home to different tracks and car shows is a trailer. Kind of odd to buy one, since I don't own anything to pull it with, but that will force me to get something surely.


Update:  March 21st,  1998.  Put the slicks on the car,  filled the car up with lots of gas,  and drove up to Commerce ....AGAIN.  It was an uneventful drive up there--except for when I ran out of gas between exit 51 and 52.   No problem,  grabbed one of the three 5 gallon containers and dumped it into the fuel cell and was on my way again.   The nitrous system is installed, and apparently working.  Both fuel pumps in with identical fuel lines run on both sides of the car.  Car gets about 10 miles to the gallon as far as I can tell.  No a bad drive--Except for the fact that you vibrate profusely while in transit.    Anyway, due to the windy and cold weather,  Commerce was only running 1/8th mile today.  Not a big deal--Only I wish I could get a 1/4 mile time slip without having to guess as to what effect the nitrous really does have.   Oh,   I didn't use a bottle heater,  and I don't have a nitrous pressure guage,   so that can affect things a bit.   Track times are below.

Date Time Lane R/T 60' 330' 1/8 1/8 MPH 1000' 1/4 1/4 MPH Comments Excuses Reasons
Mar 21, 1998 2:36 PM Left .754 1.806 4.997 7.677 93.56 - - - Motor Pass None None Yet.
Mar 21, 1998 2:59 PM Right .536 1.674 4.798 7.396 95.54 - - - Bottle Pass None I just had to!  : )
Mar 21, 1998 4:07 PM Right .583 1.666 4.769 7.362 93.95 - - - Yet Another Bottle Pass This is fun! Once you start....
Mar 21, 1998 4:44 PM Right .547 1.721 4.809 7.416 94.54 - - - Not enough RPM's On Launch Not Paying Attention Playing with accelerometer.
Mar 21, 1998 5:23 PM Right .685 1.609 4.712 7.323 93.75 - - - Best Time on Car ever! I wish. Cold Air/Headwind
Mar 21,  1998 5:53 PM Right .667 1.631 4.738 7.330 94.94 - - - Last Pass Today! No more time. No reason.

O.K.  so a friend of mine calls me up and tells me that Dallas dragstrip--Or Southeastern Dragway is going to be open today for test and tune.  It's an 1/8th mile track.  So I put the car back together--Last night I decided to find out what was underneath all of the grime in the drivers side rear wheel well.  There was some nice metallic green paint under there after I cleaned part of it out--So I painted it black.   No biggie--Except that now I've got to clean it all out.   Oh well.   After putting the car back together I figured out I had enough gas to get there,   so off I went.   Track times follow.


Date Time Lane R/T 60' 330' 1/8 1/8 MPH 1000' 1/4 1/4 MPH Comments Excuses Reasons
Mar 22, 1998 3:59 PM Right .476 1.622 - 7.443 90.08 - - - Bottle/Motor None This is too much fun.
Mar 22, 1998 5:15 PM Right .880 1.598 - 7.483 91.52 - - - Bottle/Motor Got out of the groove. Lost a little traction in second.
Mar 22, 1998 6:07 PM Right .643 1.609 - 7.280 94.49 - - - Happy,  Happy,  Joy,  Joy. Bottle is fun. Once you start....

According to one of my friends up there,  I should be able to "flow" the nitrous gas side to achieve a better output from the 125 horse kit that I have, that I am running too much fuel pressure--and the guage that I have is a little wack.    He thinks high sixes are not out of the question.   I would be very happy with such a result.   That's enough racing for a little while--I guess I am going to yank the slicks off of the car and get back to what I was working on last night--Cleaning out all of the muck.   It's amazing what 10 pounds of dirt will do to your drag coefficient and ET.   Laters.


Date Time Lane R/T 60' 330' 1/8 1/8 MPH 1000' 1/4 1/4 MPH Comments Excuses Reasons
Apr 24, 1998 7:16 PM Right .639 1.668 4.728 7.305 96.36 9.559 11.459 118.74 A race against Bob Bob If it weren't for the little blue bottle.....
Apr 24, 1998 8:12 PM Right .282 1.696 4.772 7.366 94.14 9.603 11.501 116.28 A Race against Nova Boy Check out the red light.  Premature? It was his decision to "find out" what my car would do.
Apr 24, 1998 9:35 PM Right .435 1.632 4.717 7.302 95.54 9.553 11.439 120.01 Happy,  Happy,  Joy,  Joy. Clutch Happy!. Once you start....

Well,  just got home from The Gathering II. ( and thought I would update my track times,  since I am thrilled with them.   I am tired,   already cleaned the muck off of the car,  changed the slicks back to street tires.  I drove up there again on the Slicks.  Bad Bill,  Bad!  Bad!    No I just want some Cheesy Poofs and a few hours of sleep before I have to drive back out to Road Atlanta for the continuation of the weekend car show/Camaro,   Firebird,  Impala enthusiasts party.   It is a lot of fun with these people.  Hanging out and talking about our cars.  Learning about their technology,  and them learning a little about mine.  Maybe I will be able to sell a few first generation cars,  like they will be able to sell 4th generation cars.    Who knows.  Maybe  more old ones will end up in the hands of some of this years participants.   Gotta sleep,  and dream the dream......Now if I could only remember to write it down immediately when I wake up so that I will remember it.   I am writing it.

O.K.,  today is the 12th of September 1998 and it is a Saturday.  Last night I went to Commerce.  I drove up there and raced and then drove down to Moreland Avenue for a little Street-Spectating.   I had enough fuel.     The track times for last night are below.


Date Time Lane R/T 60' 330' 1/8 1/8 MPH 1000' 1/4 1/4 MPH Comments Excuses Reasons
Sep 11, 1998 6:18 PM Right .673 1.857 5.023 7.636 93.75 9.882 11.748 121.63 First Pass Antsy 15 psi in slicks=Spin
Sep 11, 1998 6:40 PM Right .570 1.605 4.574 7.092 97.62 9.253 11.069 124.66 Much Better Traction None 10 psi in slicks=Better
Sep 11, 1998 7:13 PM Right .637 1.699 4.735 7.326 95.14 9.521 11.357 121.96 Broke Loose After 60ft Spinnage Liquid on track?
Sep 11, 1998 8:59 PM Right .535 1.593 4.557 7.071 97.83 9.229 11.040 124.66 A Harder Launch--Best Time on Car ever! None It could be harder.
Sep 11, 1998 9:30 PM Right .720 1.660 4.653 7.189 97.40 9.356 11.191 122.62 Broke loose during the 60 ft and spun a long way. Dew?. Cooler Temperatures,  cooler track.

Well,  overall I am happy with the car.   I did a major tuneup on the car.  Upgraded the motor side fuel pump from a Holley blue to a Holley black.   That helped.  Played with the spark plug gap.   I also added in the MSD timing control---Which I have set to advance 4 degrees to a full advance of 40 or retard it 11 which puts it at 25.    Although 5 1/100 would have put me into the coveted 10's,  I now look back and know that a half degree more advanced would have put me there.   Also if the battery was located in the trunk,   it would have put me there.   If that 5 gallon can of gas--roughly 40 pounds hadn't of been in the trunk,  it would have put me there.   Normally I get my best times with the air cleaner on the car.   Maybe if I had of removed it,  it would have put me there.  Anyway,  I had a great time and I don't really know when I am going back.   It is a sort of addiction,  if I get into the 10's,  then next I would surely want the 9's.   So I think I will build a new motor,  that will easily put me there.  Whether that be the 10's or the 9's or even quite possibly the 8's.   After all it is only a street car.     Track pictures will be coming soon.

UPDATE:  11/21/98  01:53 A.M.

A couple of weeks ago, on a Saturday,  I went to Commerce.   Ripped the alternator out of the car in the burnout box,  and had to leave.   Spent last weekend setting up a trick low mount alternator and an electric water pump drive.    Had to notch the frame to get the alternator in there.  It's a Powermaster setup.  Very cool.   Anyway,  I finished working on the car last Sunday,  so I didn't have much time to test it out,  but what I thought of the little bit I did try out I liked.

Get off of work on Friday the 20th of November and am looking forward to taking the car out since it has been broken for a couple of weeks.   Go out for a ride and all seems well.   I smell something--and it almost smells electrical--I thought it was the new alternator just getting broken in--It is a small 100 amp alternator,   brand new and powder coated.    Driving down the highway at @3000 rpm I head four quick successive taps and then no motor,  and lots of smoke.    Dead motor and a trail of goo left behind me.   Get the car off of the flatbed at 12:30 and into the garage.   Just got through taking the carb off,  distributor,  coil,  nitrous plate,  drained the remaining radiator fluid out of the radiator and removed a few easily accessible hoses.    I am doing this because this is what I usually do when I get ready to pull a motor out of my car.    About 8 inches from the balancer,  there are a series of holes punched out of the oil pan.   It broke pretty bad.  The worst part is that I wasn't giving the car ANY hell.  I was being very nice to it actually.   Well it decided to let go.   I guess that over this weekend,  I will be removing the motor and making some sort of decision as the which direction the rebuild/replacement will go.   It could be similar or way out there.   We will have to see how much fun I have removing it and how much money I can scrounge to buy an aluminum block.   Other than that,  I am tired and not at all shocked.    That motor survived for a couple of years and that is good.   High compression can't last forever--at 13:1 it does pretty well for a hydraulic cam motor.


Anyway,  I will snap some pictures of the damage and post the results as well as a set of pics during the rebuild.  That's all for now.        Take care.


The motor has been reworked and was put in the car earlier this year.  Have not made it back to the track yet,  as the motor now requires the use of a car hauler,  which I will have to buy.  I hate bumming rides to the track from people.  Once I have the car hauler,  then I will go back to the track and see what she will run.  I do know this:

The new motor is making more power on motor alone than the old one was making on nitrous.   When you stick it to the floor it feels more like a 250 shot than a 125 horse kit.  I feel that with a rear end change from a 3.73 to a 4.30 the car will go nines in the quarter at or around 150 m.p.h.  Some people say that's horseshit.  But if the tuning is right as it was on the previous motor and the nitrous picks up half as much as it did before,  then nines are indeed possible.   If the nitrous picks up as much as it did before,  then a 9.50 or better pass could be in order.   We will have to see.

04.26.2003....Been a long time since I updated this page....Let's see where we are at currently.....Just finished replacing the valve springs and adjusting the valves....Car has been running like shit since last year,  and I suspect it is because the springs are worn out to the point that they are not as springy as they used to be.  My theory will be put to the test in a few minutes....hahahahaha.

Been working a great deal,  remodeled my kitchen,  and have not had much time for the car lately.  You may be able to spectate on the car at the following website:  You will need Real Player to see the live video.

Car has yet to make it to the track.....It is not drivable for long distances due to the fact that it does drink race fuel of the leaded high octane type and the ride to the track is painful.   I am amazed I drive this thing on the street anyhow,  but it does roll very well....   Next purchases will be a new flywheel and a new clutch....Car is hard to get into gear at any speed and the clutch is fully adjusted out with very little room for more depression of the pedal.....Flywheel resurfacing changed the geometry the last time I had it done....That's what I get for making it flat I suppose.....Clutch is more than likely fine...It's the flywheel that is off....Aluminum Hays 168 tooth with steel inserts.....Been shaved too much.....Lost it's thickness....Boo.  I will still drive the thing,  but be careful when going from 1st to second,  oh,  and getting the thing into first in the first place.   Did I ever mention I need to do the brakes as well?  Or change the rear end out to a 9" ford with a 430 gear set made for a 69 camaro?   Too much to do,  not enough room to get the job done...Boo.

Oi.....I need to build the garage and buy the car hauler....bwahahahahaha.....I think it is going to haul some serious ass no matter what I do....