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Pictures, Movies, Noises


Pictures, Movies, Noises

Motor Pictures

These images are out of order and will not be identified very well,   but they are here.  Check them out....

Part of the Evacuation System

that I am putting together.

evac.gif (31155 bytes)
These are the Hooker Super

Competition Coated Headers.

header.gif (47080 bytes)
Intake Was Powder Coated.

The Cheesy Chrome water neck

will go away very soon.   All

holes in valve covers were meticulously

drilled by me.  It took a very long time to do.

intake.gif (36181 bytes)
From a short Distance. Bad Ass Big Block
Closer motor2.gif (38410 bytes)
Electric motor for water pump. motor3.gif (43520 bytes)
More of the front end. Motor4.gif (40293 bytes)
This is my "Floating Motor" Motor6.jpg (12487 bytes)
Intake,  Carb,  Nitrous Plate. topmotor.gif (38272 bytes)
Motor On Dyno Big Block On Dyno
04.26.2003....Changing worn out springs with the most kick-ass tool I have ever owned. Changing Valve Springs