Here are some pictures of the car I took when I was 16.   I am almost 34 now.  Almost 10 years since I was screwed.  It is time to let go,  and of course time to teach a valuable lesson to everyone.  

The car as seen from the garage.  The owner's father was kind enough to let me look at it and take some pictures.

He was hoping to take back his garage...I was hoping to take the car.

This picture got folded up....I think I must have had it in my wallet or something.  Sorry for the lines.

The only dent on the car is right there at the wheel well.

I remember seeing the DZ code on this freaking block.  In the video...DZ code is gone.  Hmmmm.

I turned the crank before it disappeared and measured the stroke.  It is still the same block and crank but without the serial number and markings.

Nice interior with the console and gauges.   8 grand tach.  Cortex silver with black stripes.  Yum.

I never asked about the black tail panel.  The car had been repainted,  but the tag on this one was 1978 I think.