Here are the "sale" contracts that were put forth after this nimrod had possession of the car.   The verbal agreement  was essentially a loan.  A short term loan with a nice amount of interest or fee tacked on.  His interest in driving the car was stated as simply as:  "When I am done with it,  sure you can drive it."   I had a pristine 1968 Camaro that was done and it could be sold at a severe discount to pay off the loan in less than one month with a lot of change left over to keep this car project going for some time.   As a matter of fact that car was sold no more than three months later.   Anyway,  here are the scanned in originals of the bogus contracts.   The car is most likely still sitting at his mother's house.  I have not called to find out the lack of progress and/or ask him if he is ready to be a man and keep his word to the original deal this year yet,  but I am pretty sure I made my calls last year.   You are welcome to contact this guy to try to get it out of his incapable hands....Believe me,  he only knows what he is told about cars.....He does not know enough to do a good job with one.   He also has no proof about the motor being original,  so the of the car is what it is.   It meant more to me as a dusty project that had not been driven for almost 20 years than any monetary value could be put on it.   I build the cars for the love of the cars,  not for resale value.   The previous owner had the same notion,  but lacked the funds and the desire to put it back into it's former glory.

Enjoy the reads.  These are PDF Files.

Contract Number One---Received it,  talked to the jerky on the phone and disagreed.  Stated that it should be a simple sales contract.

Contract Number Two---Received this one,  could not believe the jerky did not understand....then realized that I was being screwed.

Contract Number Three,  with a nice typed letter---on a typewriter even.---Last one....still not a simple sales contract.  Told him if he wanted the car to just say so.   Would never really say so. 

These are the kind of things that go to show that people in general--from the ultra bright to the ultra stupid,  make bad decisions sometimes.   I made a bad decision and in many ways,  Mark Hiatt made a bad decision.  An important lesson was learned in this:   If there is something that you want,  that you have wanted for a very long time,  and it comes into reach:  Grab it in any way you can.  Lie,  beg,  cheat, anything to close that want and make it yours.  But don't let yourself get screwed over by someone you met at a friend's X-mas party. (From what I understand he was never invited back and never will be.  Smarmy people show themselves once and it is forgiven,  more than once and they are history.)

Anyway,  This site was put together as a method of letting go.  I found the car ten years before it was stolen,  and now I can move on,  ten years afterwards.   If you come across this guy with a cortez silver with black stripes 69 Z/28 that goes by the name Mark Hiatt,   Ask him how he got that car.  If he lies to you,  do not worry.  That is his biggest victory,  and my worst defeat.