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Final Dyno Results

O.K.  Here are the final numbers that the new motor came up with after two days and numerous pulls.   We tried different jets,   different timing,  different valve lash,  different carbs,  and a lot of patience.   The results paid off.  What we found is:  With our limited availability of carbs,  the HP 950 that I had on there proved to be the best bet.   We tried a Barry Grant Silver Claw---The largest one made and it made identical power and also showed it was lean.(Carb came off of a 502 with 740 HP at the flywheel)    This was kind of amazing.  We could have played with it a bit,  but the amount of power we would have gained would not be enough to warrant buying one--Sorry Barry.    The timing likes to be at 38 degrees at full advance---Not more and no less.  Power is lost in both directions.   Valve lash likes .020 on the intake side and .025 on the exhaust.   Oil pressure was good.  80 pounds when cold at idle,  60 when hot.   80 again under a full load.    Jetting of the 950 is 8 jet size different from primary to secondary.   The motor made 455 HP with only two barrels getting gas.    The motor made nearly 550 HP when exhaust system was removed and ran with open headers.   No exact specs on that pass as it was the last one and we forgot to print it out.   No pulls were made over 7000 RPM,  although the motor was still making power---It is doubtful that I will be using it over seven.    Scary.   Anyway,  for now,  I will post the peak torque and HP lines from the dyno sheet.  The printer ribbon is very old and the printing is very light,  so scanning is kind of out of the question.

The High Torque Numbers
Speed RPM CBTrq lb-ft CBDwr HP FHP HP ME% FA-PB lb/hr BSFC /lb/HPHr CAT
6600 405.3 509.3 166.5 73.6 219.8 .47 74

The High HorsePower Numbers

Speed RPM CBTrq lb-ft CBDwr HP FHP HP ME% FA-PB lb/hr BSFC /lb/HPHr CAT
7000 401.5 535.1 192.9 71.6 235.4 .48 74