1968 and 1969 Chevrolet Camaro

Here are some pictures of the 1968 and 1969 Chevrolet Camaros that were taken sometime in 1996. 

I sold the 1968 car in the spring of that year.  I never should have sold that car.  At least it was sold to some people that live far away so I cannot see what happened to it.

The 69 car was set up for closed course SCCA type racing in these pictures.....These are  from the time when it had Koni suspension all the way around and fat ass sway bars in the front and rear.  I wish I had of kept them,  but it was cut out of the front and I have no idea what I did with the back one.  I will probably put the yellow car suspension back together again some day....when it has fat tires on the front instead of the skinny ones.

Side by side on the grass near my house.

Side by side in a parking lot near the grass near my house.

The other way side by side.

Ready to race on the grass.  A short race.  Old Yeller will win.

Ah, the classic dusk shot.

Lights on,  and nowhere to go but sideways in the grass.

It's a classic battle,  but the yellow one won out.  I still have that car.

I do miss that white car.  It did not have a scratch on it.   It avoided the rain too.

If I run across the white one again,  I will buy it back.

Sitting,  waiting,  watching,  both ready to pounce,  one ready to kill.