My 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Specs 

My 1969 Chevrolet Camaro (As Of 11.12.2008)

Engine Manufacturer Chevrolet
Previous Engine Displacement 410 CI Big Block--4 Bolt mains and caps
Original Engine Displacement 396 CI Big Block--4 Bolt mains and caps
Compression Ratio 13.6:1
Original Compression Ratio 11:1
Pistons TRW/Federal Mogul Forged Closed Chamber Pistons For Aluminum Cylinder Heads---.60 Over 396
Cylinder Heads Large Valve--Fully Ported/Polished Cast Iron
Original Cylinder Heads Small Valve--No Porting/Polishing
Balancer FluidDampr---6.25"
Crankshaft Chevrolet---Steel
Rods Manley Racemaster 4340--Standard Length
Pushrods Custom Length,  Custom Made.
Timing Set Milodon Gear Drive
Intake Manifold Edelbrock Torker--"Twisted" Fully Ported/Port Matched/Polished/Channeled
Original Intake Manifold Edelbrock Performer
Carburetor Holley 950 Double Pumper--HP--Minus the choke horn.
Original Carburetor Holley 780 Vacuum Secondaries
Ignition System MSD Electronic 85551 with MSD6AL---MSD Adjustable Timing Control(8680) MSB Bronze Gear #8472
Original Ignition System MSD Electronic
Coil MSD Blaster2
Original Coil Accel Super Coil
Alternator PowerMaster 1 wire low mount kit.
Water Pump Edelbrock Aluminum
Starter CSI Mini Starter
Fuel System Motor Side---#8 Line running from fuel cell to Holley black pump. #8 line from pump to regulator. #6 from regulator to carb. Nitrous Side---#8 line running from fuel cell to Holley blue pump--#8 line from pump to regulator. #6 line from regulator to solenoid.
Original Fuel System 5/16" Line running from gas tank to Holley mechanical fuel pump. 3/8" to Carb.
Motor Mounts Solid
Transmission Mounts Solid
Radiator Four Core
Transmission Type Manual 4 speed--Close Ratio Muncie. M-21
Flywheel 15 pound aluminum--Hays--168 tooth #049020-130
Clutch Centerforce--Dual Friction
Lift Bars SSM Lift Bars
Bellhousing Lakewood Blow proof Bell housing
Rear End .373 POSI 12 bolt.
Original Rear End .308 Single Track
Rear Wheels And Tires 8.5" x 15" Centerline Convo Pro---275/50/15 BF Goodrich Drag T/A--Also 26 X 10.0 M/T ET Streets Mounted on same style and size rear wheels.
Front Wheels And Tires 4" x 15" Centerline Convo Pro---26 X 7.5 X 15 Mickey Thompson Fronts.(8 ply)
Original Wheels And Tires 7" x 15" 1970 Z/28 Wheels with 235/60 BFG Radial T/A's all the way around.
Original Brakes Front and Rear Drum-No Power--This will be fixed and soon. (Change over to disc)  Note:  Soon is relative--this has been needed since 1995.
Brakes Front Disc--Stainless Steel Brakes Force 10 2 Piston w/11"rotors--Part Number A123-A---Pads Number 1015....Rear Drums.  03.27.2006
Steering Manual Chevrolet Gear Box
Camshaft Type Roller
Original Camshaft Type Solid
Camshaft Specs Custom Ground Cam: Specs are roundabout:  Over 740 lift.
Rocker Arms Crane Extruded 1.7
Original Rockers Stock 1.7
Lifters Lunati--Roller Lifters
Valve Springs Crane Triple Springs #99897 w/ Titanium Retainers
Valve Covers Moroso---The Fabricated Aluminum Kind #68333
Air Cleaner Moroso 14" #65900
Carb Spacer 1"
Estimated Horsepower 650--The Estimated Will Become Fact at or around the second week of March 1999
Shocks Competition Engineering 10/90 on Front and 50/50 Drag Shocks on Back
Roll Bar Six Point----Painted Yellow
Harnesses 5 point--Black---RCI
Nitrous System NOS Powershot---It's just a 125 kit locked in.

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Before New Motor(Pre 1999)

 FloatMotor.jpg (45198 bytes)

New Motor 1999

Whilst working within the trunk on Sunday the 15th of April 1998, I decided to run some voltage through a connector hanging off of the trunk latch assembly. I had seen this connector there before and thought it was a trunk light or something similar to that. But it turns out that it is a trunk release. I went through several parts catalogs and even through the 1969 service manual for all Chevrolets and there was not a listing for it on the Camaro. But there is a listing for it for the Chevelle, Chevelle wagon, and regular wagon. I was wondering if anyone else has this solenoid on their latch and if it was one of those production shortages where they substituted another models latch in place of the regular one.  It looks like it has never been removed and surprisingly enough it works. There is no female side connector for it within the wiring harness, so I am going to run a wire to it with a manual switch I guess.  If you have information or ideas about this discrepancy,  please let me know.   

This page was updated with the specs on the new motor on the 28th of February 1999.    The motor will be on the dyno within the next week and we will have definite numbers.   Chances are I will scan in the graph and post it here as well.    The car has been down for a couple of months and is itching to rip down the road.   Or I know that I am itching anyway.


Update:  03/13/99    Just came from the Dyno and here are the numbers on the first 1/2 day of playing:   It made 455 horsepower on a 2 barrel(a broken 4 barrel )at 6000 rpm.   And then went on to make 522 horsepower at 6900 rpm(With a working 4 barrel).  Tomorrow we will try different valve lash settings as well as different carburetion.  We ran these numbers with a HP 950 from Holley.   Maybe the dyno guy will get a new ribbon for the printer---It doesn't look like the sheet is going to scan in very well.   I can always translate them into HTML though--Although it doesn't have the same feeling as the actual sheet.   Got lots of videotape footage of the pulls with some kick ass motor noise that I will put up as soon as I can.