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05.08.2009....To the bastid(s) that threw the rock and hit my car on Friday May 8th @8:30 p.m. near Dynamo swim club on Shallowford road:   Karma is a nasty bitch and believe me,  it will come back to haunt you ten-fold.  I know about karma, and I know about throwing rocks.   If you want to throw rocks,  throw them at me directly, not the defenseless car.   The car kicks ass in general,  but it has no defense against an ambush.  I, on the other hand promise you this:  You will lose in a rock throwing battle with me.

12.29.2008....Ah, the things that are in the works.....

06.10.2007....Yellow car has finally made its way into its new house.  Pictures below:

02.26.2006....Clutch and flywheel have been replaced....While digging around in some boxes in the attic I came across some boxes that I have never opened.  They are from an auction that I won on Ebay.  I thought it was a standard rear drum to disc conversion kit for rear brakes.  Turns out it is a kick ass four piston kit with an separate emergency brake.   Good for me...bad part is having the find the front kit that matches to go with it.  Here is a picture of this fine setup.